Packed Full Of Top Music Acts

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Packed Full Of Top Music Acts

The music group will perform at all shows at The Arena, Blackpool Pleasure Beach alongside hosts Jordan Perri and Banjo Kiely and performers Diversity, Max and Harvey, Kira Kosarin, Jess Folley, and Road Trip. London, June 2019 – New Hope Club has joined up with SLIMEFEST’s citizen lineup 28th! October at The Arena From 20th – 22nd, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, they’ll perform across all 6 SLIMEFEST shows over the weekend (1pm and 6pm showings). New Hope Club said “We can’t wait to perform in Blackpool again and get slim, we’ll see you in October! New Hope Club is a British pop trio formed in 2015 and comprising Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson, and George Smith.

With over 63 million views on YouTube, 507,000 supporters on TikTok and mixed Instagram reach of over 1.6 million, the guys show no signs of halting and you will be visiting in Asia also, UK, Ireland, U.S, and Canada this year. SLIMEFEST 2019 is hosted by Jordan Perri and Banjo Kiely, New Hope Club joins fellow resident acts Diversity, Jess Folley, Max and Harvey, Kira Kosarin and Road Trip.

More information on the SLIMEFEST 2019 headliners will be announced in the coming weeks. Filled up with SLIME, The year within Blackpool MUSIC AND MAYHEM join Nickelodeon for the largest and slimiest event of! Packed filled with top music acts, special guests, your favorite Nickelodeon stars, and most importantly, SLIME! Oh, and she, Nick has a brilliant slimy, big green secret to tell you. For children aged between 8-15 years old, a SLIME PIT solution is certain to get you up-close to your favorite celebrities, plus it’s the only path to see the SLIME!

Over 100,000 folks have attended related SLIMEFEST occasions across the globe in the US, Australia, Italy, UK, Spain, and Germany. 1 and Nick Jr. Too. The entertainment company has generated a diverse multi-platform business by placing kids first in everything it can – Kids Rule! The content reaches the primary of the business with critically-acclaimed and hugely-popular television programming from the united kingdom and around the world.

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