Miss England Wannabes Share Bare-faced Selfies As The Pageant Launches A Make-up Free Round

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Miss England Wannabes Share Bare-faced Selfies As The Pageant Launches A Make-up Free Round

LAYERS of cake foundation, lashings of mascara and orange false tan – that’s the image that jumps to the brain when the majority of us think of beauty pageants. Well this all might be about to turn into a thing of the past as Miss England has launched its first-ever make-up free circular in its initiatives to market body positivity.

The new initiative for 2019 means applications have to submit a picture of themselves without filter systems, make-up or editing. Organizers made a decision to introduce the round to encourage young women to celebrate their natural beauty after being shocked by the number of applicants using fillers. Miss Britain is within the heats stage currently, with 54 contestants competing in some challenges to advance to the finals.

However, the champion of the ‘Bare Face Top Model’ round will be fast-tracked to the final 20 contestants – where one will be crowned Miss England and continue to compete in Miss World. On social media, we have influencers and role models which established an unrealistic standard which I believe leads to mental health issues. Everyone has their own insecurities, some come to love their imperfections, some hide it with makeup while some turn to surgery and fillers. Along with dealing with Miss England winner Alisha closely, UK charity PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide supports the pageant’s make-up-free round.

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