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You know the sensation when you see something and immediately you know have to have it? I always feel like that when it comes to makeup, especially for eyeshadows. It’s since they are my obsession though I can be very picky in choosing them. Today I’ll be reviewing a palette from Too Faced called the Chocolate Bar Palette that I bought for over a yr now. It’s has been sitting in my draft since the beginning of this year as I just couldn’t find enough time to complete writing it! Without further ado, let’s have a closer look within my finding.

It’s not dewy. It isn’t satin. Next to the average Korean BB cream, you can call this “matte”. Is it a good BB cream? Or simply a simple sunscreen with a copious amount of tint thrown directly into mask the white cast it would have otherwise produced? Your guess is as good as mine. Now, this fella, according to them innernetz, was supposed to be as good as it gets. It’s a loose natural powder!

It’s a sunscreen loose powder. It was supposed to be very fine and incredibly translucent. It had been supposed to be light, and fluffy and throughout great. After all, @cosme said so, so that it must be true. Indeed, it was very fine. And incredibly light. And incredibly fluffy. Just as that a bag of cornstarch is very fine, light and fluffy.

But you wouldn’t want to walk around with cornstarch on your face, would you now? Since cornstarch is approximately as translucent as this natural powder Especially. There’s a good handy euphemism for this – “not so cosmetically elegant”. The maker did not bother to put the weight of the product anywhere on the packaging.

To get that info, you will need to look on the internet. It’s 3.5 grams, by the real way. It’s listed at 1200 yen plus tax, but most drugstores sell it for a little less. I paid 980 yen, taxes included. As most Japanese powders, this one is slightly red also. If you have yellow undertones, you risk looking ridiculous quite.

But maybe the pink face yellow neck thing is the new look this year and I simply didn’t get the memo. In Japan anything is possible. Pale skinned matte surface finish followers should be overjoyed. We have matte. We’ve soul crushing, brain numbing matte. Doesn’t get any matter than this. The instructions very helpfully advise you to reapply it every 2 hours.

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There’s grounds for it. This matte surface finish transforms really ugly really fast. So you own it there. While I would find some use for the BB gel, the powder is a complete dud. I am considering mixing up it with some Laura Mercier loose natural powder, or Chacott. Or use it for Halloween, particularly if I wish to go as an aging, chewed up golf club hostess who’s aiming to reinvent herself as a kabuki actor. The options are endless. And yes, as you can see, Privacy UV Gel BB is indeed alcohol (ethanol) free. Available from Amazon, eBay and Rakuten. If you haven’t entered the Hera UV Mist Cushion giveaway already, there is still time! Link in the very best bar!

Plus the bodice appears like the bandage style tops geishas has on under their kimonos. 3. Ripped mid-length or tights white socks – For the dead/crazy look, ripped tights are great and the ladders can be created by you yourself. 4. Any neutral heels – Mine are from Wittner and are just black heels with thick straps across the front.

Plain shoes are best for this look, because we want the focus to be on the makeup and kimono! 5. Fan – for a real geisha look, bring a small fan around with you. You may get them from two buck shops or just make one yourself by folding a bit of patterned paper. SHOULD I scare you? What are you dressing up for for Halloween? JLY or below leave a comment!

An infusion of soapwort main (an herb) can be utilized in place of soap, which may do the job. It’s very gentle. It doesn’t sud much but it’ll get your skin layer and locks very clean. I’ve been using soapwort this winter since my epidermis has been quite dried out this season. I bought soapnut just, and desire to also too try yucca main soon. You can use a carrier oil to clean your skin also.