Aldo Ruiz (Investment And Trade Commissioner

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Aldo Ruiz (Investment And Trade Commissioner

Sri Lanka is willing to broaden trade ties with Mexico and eventually gain greater access to markets in America and Canada. A visiting Mexican diplomat says he was eager to promote Mexican and Indian investments into Sri Lanka. Business partnerships between Mexican and Sri Lankan companies will help accessing the difficult UNITED STATES markets.

Identifying focal points of representation for trade in Mexico, and in Sri Lanka, is a step in this direction, said Rishad Bathiudeen, Minister of Business and Industry. These comments were made by The minister he met Jaime Nualart, Mexican Ambassador to India, Bangladesh, the Maldives and Sri Lanka at the ministry premises in Colombo 3. Nualart is leading a Mexican business delegation to Colombo. This is actually the first official Mexican business delegation to visit Sri Lanka ever. 60.99 million in 2010 2010. Sri Lanka’s exports to Mexico are dominated by cinnamon currently, taking 60% of the full, total volume.

Bathiudeen up to date the Mexican delegation that clothing, construction, pharmaceuticals, high-end shopping malls, and multiplex cinemas are appealing areas for investments in Sri Lanka. Mexican Ambassador Nualart said that he’d asked Mexican businesspersons in India to invest in Sri Lanka also. He expressed strong fascination with investing within food processing, multiplex cinemas, and construction, specially shopping complexes. Aldo Ruiz (Investment and trade Commissioner, Mexican Ministry of Economy), said: “Bringing Mexican food-processing technology here will enormously assist Sri Lanka’s air base (to access international markets)”.

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Speaking of Mexican investments in India, Nualart said that housing, industrial electrical transformers, water pushes, catalytic converters and food products are fundamental Mexican manufacturing investments in India. Bandula Somasiri, Acting Director General of Department of Commerce, addressing the delegation briefed the delegation on Sri Lanka’s liberal trade regime and its own opportunities for Mexico.

3 Including lists of ethnic goods and services stand for important steps forward in the local co-operation in IP. These achievements, with the completed ASEAN Common Form and the consolidated ASEAN together. 4 Like the ASEAN Intellectual Property Association, the International Trademark Association, Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (“OHIM”), WIPO, Australia, EU, and Japan Patent Office.

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