5 Fitness GREAT THINGS ABOUT Tap Dancing

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5 Fitness GREAT THINGS ABOUT Tap Dancing

Have you ever seen Bill “Bojangles” Robinson touch dancing with the lovable Shirley Temple in The Little Colonel? Or any of Fred Astaire’s dances with Eleanor Ginger or Powell Rogers? How ’bout Gene Kelly in Performing in the Gregory or Rainfall Hines on stage? Tap dancing is a lovely art form, but it is a superb form of exercise as well.

And it’s never too late to learn! Even Dr. Mehmet Oz brought Texas teacher Joy Swift onto his daily talk show to learn some moves himself. As Swift exclaims in the video, “Dancing shall keep you young, energetic, healthy, and all sorts of great things!” Just what exactly are the “great things” of faucet dancing?

  1. Start squat – visually it appears like you take a seat on the chair
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  5. Set Attainable Goals

We’ve found 5 benefits of tap dancing. As the legs do most of the workout, in many steps the hands are lifted above the shoulder blades, which tones and strengthens those muscles. This mixture of arms and legs moving together elevates the heart rate, making a good cardiovascular workout. An hour of touch dance is considered to burn off between 200 and 600 calories from fat depending on your speed anywhere, the steps series and your time and effort used in the entire hour. A key factor in dancing, tap particularly, is balance.

It is imperative to have good balance as you move in one foot to some other. To effectively perform the techniques, you need to keep your body weight over your it which means using deep postural muscles, those muscles that cover around your middle. This all helps improve your primary plus your posture and may even help flatten your stomach, .

A lot of tap dancing is in the rhythm and memorization of the steps, which keeps your mind focused, enhancing your mental health. Think about how amazingly these dancers move over the floor Just. Even boxer Sugar Ray Robinson used dancing shoes for a short stint. After he returned to boxing, he held the slick moves as he’d glide over the ring.

The lightness, you will need to properly perform the steps will translate into your lifestyle, not to mention your improved position. The best fitness routines are fun. Tap dancing is fun! It releases endorphins that make you happy. When you find your nearest course you’re certain to meet new friends.

You’ll proceed to the beat or create your own. There may be a few stray noises, but that’s part of the fun. Laugh it off and continue. You may figure out a new beat that isn’t far off. You don’t need to have the poise of Gene Kelly, but get right up and move your feet.