US & Mexican Taxation For American Taxpayers In Mexico

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US & Mexican Taxation For American Taxpayers In Mexico

We are CPAs and lawyers with over 30 years experience with Americans residing in Mexico and their taxes. Articles is read by me on the internet about your services. We have spoken for an accountant in PV about paying taxes on our rental income. One accountant has explained I need to get my temperature visa.

This seems just like a hassle while I am using the condo only a short while each year. What’s your take on this? Hi, Ronnie: Thanks for your email. Per Articles 158 and 159 of the Tax Code, a visa, apart from a visitor visa when you visit Mexico, is unnecessary.

As a non-resident you might rent your property and pay fees in conformity with Mexican regulation. IS RENTING MEXICAN PROPERTY PROHIBITED? I have been told that the typical bank or investment company trust wording for international individuals does not permit the rental of residential property at all. How can you offer to pay fees on income on a prohibited activity?

Hi, Jim. The international investment laws specifically permit the beneficiary (foreigner) to rent, sell, modify their properties, and to gather the profits therefrom. Many trusts state that the lender must pay the taxes, but we realize that won’t happen. It’s been our experience that if the foreigner pays his/her taxes on rental income and gets the receipts to prove it there is no quarrel with Mexican officials. OUR PROPERTY TITLE IS IN AN LLC. HOW DO WE PAY TAXES IN THE INCOME? Hi, Marilyn. Thanks for your question!

We will need to have your articles translated and authorizations prepared in the name of the LLC and signed by the legal representative. With this we can pay your taxes and offer you with receipts which are accepted by the taxes authorities in your country of residence. IS THE FIDEICOMISO THE HOUSE DEED? June from Michigan with property in Ixtapa.

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Yes, the Fideicomiso to carry property in the restricted area of Mexico is both an agreement with the Mexican bank or investment company to carry your title as trustee, and is the deed to your privileges in the property. WE’VE HEARD THAT OUR PROPERTY CAN BE SEIZED WITH THE nationwide government IF Fees ARE NOT PAID MONTHLY.

PENALTIES FOR NOT FILING, FOR NON-PAYMENT: The penalty for not being enrolled as a taxpayer is 2,740. To 8,230 man. The charges for not making declarations as required range between 1,100. To 13,720. Per month in addition to interest at the pace of 1 1 Mxn.13% monthly on the total amount owed. Mexico has tax treaties with 32 countries, no double taxation! PAYING TAX ON YOUR RENTAL INCOME FROM MEXICAN PROPERTIES IS CRUCIAL, WHETHER YOU LIVE IN MEXICO OR NOT. GET AVOID and LEGAL THE RESULTS OF Taxes EVASION!

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