New Amendment Seeks To Ban Child Beauty Pageants In France

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New Amendment Seeks To Ban Child Beauty Pageants In France

Under the new mandate, anyone who enters a young child into such a contest would confront two years in prison and 30,000 euros in fines, The Associated Press reported. A pageant organizer lamented that the move was so severe. The Senate approved the measure 197-146 immediately, as an amendment to a regulation on women’s privileges. Urgent: Should Obamacare be Repealed?

Such beauty pageants, including girls of most ages often seriously composed and decked out, elicit open public issue in France and somewhere else regularly. Chantal Jouanno, who authored the amendment. She noted the amendment is focused on protecting girls. The amendment’s language is brief but sweeping: “Organizing beauty competitions for children under 16 is banned.” It generally does not specify the type of competitions would be covered, including whether it would lengthen to online photo competitions or pretty baby contests.

The amendment says it’s targeted at safeguarding children from risk and being prematurely pressured into jobs of seduction that harm their development. Michel Le Parmentier, who says he has been arranging “mini-Miss” pageants in France since 1989, said he’s disappointed that the draft legislation involves a standard ban. He said that he has been around discussions with legislators about regulating such pageants but wasn’t anticipating such sweeping vocabulary.

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The senators debated whether to come up with a softer measure restricting such pageants, however in the ultimate end chosen an overall ban. The Socialist government’s equal rights minister, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, suggested Wednesday that the Socialists may push for a compromise measure when the bill goes to the lower house of Parliament in the coming weeks. An effort is manufactured by Some pageants to de-sexualize the competitions. One recent pageant in the Paris region specifically banned makeup, swimsuits, high heels, or anything inappropriate for the child’s age.

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