Wendy Williams’ Ex-husband Blames Her For Son Kevin Icing Him Out

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Wendy Williams’ Ex-husband Blames Her For Son Kevin Icing Him Out

She’s been out partying with previous stripper Blac Chyna amid her divorce. And Wendy Williams’ kid Kevin in addition has iced out his father, her estranged hubby, Kevin Sr., month once they arrived to blows in a parking lot last. The 54-year-old talk show host is being blamed by her ex for the radio silence, on Weekend relating to TMZ.

Wendy’s ex considers he and his kid should settle their differences independently, according to the tabloid. Share Wendy and Kevin’s son Kevin Jr., 19, month carrying out a physical altercation along with his dad in a open public car parking lot was arrested late last. Kevin Sr. declined to press charges, but according to insiders who approached the web site, he does blame Wendy for leading to a rift between him and his boy. The star’s estranged spouse is demanding alimony, and this is rumored to have been the foundation of the dispute between ‘the Kevins,’ as Wendy telephone calls them.

Wendy still left her hubby after she surfaced from a sober living home – and after his alleged longtime mistress Sharina Hudson apparently gave delivery to his baby. Meanwhile, Williams is shopping her tell-all story to major TV networks, demanding an hour-long, prime-time slot machine, DailyMailTV can exclusively reveal. Wendy’s quest comes as the future of her own show is uncertain – she has stopped attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, leading to fears of a relapse, say show insiders. The scandal plagued daytime chat show host desires to capitalize on her recent troubles and create a positive buzz around her and her show.

Williams has approached all the best players, including ABC, NBC and Oprah’s OWN, and her offer of the emotional no holds barred interview is being considered, according to several network resources. But one network source informed DailyMailTV the sticking point is Williams’ demand for an hour-long best time slot. The foundation said: ‘Her people desired a morning show initially but then the idea came along for her to get one hour long best time slot machine, which most of the networks have balked at.

An hour of Wendy time will be a lot of time. Gayle King didn’t even give R Kelly an hour. DailyMailTV has also discovered The Wendy Williams Show has been plunged into chaos in the aftermath of her public addiction crisis and split with Hunter and his departure from the show.

A show source told DailyMailTV that Williams in addition has stopped attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, sparking more concern on her behalf well being. At her chat show, Williams is said to be cleaning house with a string of show professionals departing and insiders declare the atmosphere has transformed ‘harmful’ since Hunter was kicked out.

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Long time co-executive manufacturer Talia Parkinson-Jones is one older executive who was simply recently reported as departing, with others soon to check out. Williams, 54, has also picked up a fresh manager and assistant in a bid to start fresh. Show insiders inform DailyMailTV a decision to renew the show beyond next 12 months would routinely have been made already, but Fox is apparently stalling.

It’s understood network chiefs are concerned that Williams could relapse, charging them deficits. Williams’ show continued an indefinite hiatus in January and February this year credited to what Williams stated was a make injury and worsening complications from Graves’ disease. But DailyMailTV later specifically exposed that in fact the lack was due to alcohol habit and she got into a rehab service in Florida. 1 million in lost ad revenue from major sponsors, DailyMailTV can uncover. One show insider said: ‘Some major sponsors, including Walmart, needed to cut promotions because of Wendy’s absence. 1 million in advertisement revenue.

According to sources linked to the show Williams’ two co-presidents, Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein at production and syndication company Deb-Mar Mercury, week from Los Angeles for crunch discussions with the star were around last. Staff members are also furious because the star’s prolonged absence left dozens of the show’s technical crew without pay although it was off air.

People are annoyed and the atmosphere is dangerous,’ the insider said. Fab: Uploading an Instagram selfie of the set on Saturday, Wendy, 54, wrote: ‘What’s excellent? Being in LA celebrating satisfaction with my little sister! People are backstabbing each other and Wendy’s decisions are leading to further chaos. Kevin was not well liked but at least he kept things collectively, he kept people in balance. The source added that a lot of staff people are worried over whether Williams is back again on the booze.