Who Collects Carp Books

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Who Collects Carp Books

On the subject of carp/angling book selections, Not long ago i sold most of my mates collection and was truly stunned at the costs achieved. Leathers, 1st editions, signed, hard and soft backs all ending up at a fraction of the initial cost. My advice is to think carefully about the complete subject.

There aren’t many angling/carp books out there that increase in value and therefore become an investment opportunity. Just because its a leather destined, numbered, agreed upon limited run reserve, does not in any way guarantee it will upsurge in value and tbh there is a bloody good chance it WONT.

Once upon a time, whenever a complete lot folks older folk, were young and setting up carping, books kept value, generally due to the information they kept and the availability/accessibility of the written information. Obviously there are always the odd a couple of books out there that hold or even upsurge in value. Waiting for Waddle(crap read) still orders high prices, as will Redmire pool, but by and large these are Not just a valid guide as to the general invest-ability of carp/angling books in general. I believe anyone who’s thinking about buying an angling book should measure the reason there buying it. You should buy, enjoy and read, but be mindful it is rare for such books to increase in value nowerdays.

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