Suggested Performance Review Attitude Improvement Phrases

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Suggested Performance Review Attitude Improvement Phrases

Poor communication skills are occasionally the result of too little knowledge or training, but their cause is attitude-related often. A worker might see requests for updates as micromanaging, or just feel her time is valuable to answer each and every e-mail too. In this case, focus on the negative results of her insufficient communication.

Sally fails to notify coworkers when she has completed a project or instituted a contact, leading to duplicate work and impacting clients’ impression of our business. Instructing the worker to be more communicative is nebulous. In this case, offer specific recommendations for goals. Sally will keep management and affected coworkers informed on projects. She responds to written communication regularly.

An employee’s negative attitude can have a poisonous effect on the overall mood in your workplace, particularly when issues are unfounded or relate with unchangeable issues. It’s important to emphasize that your issue is with the method of expressing the emotions, not the feelings themselves. Supplying a specific example helps clarify the problem. Sally is aware that her workstation is set to be replaced in next year’s budget, but is constantly on the call the IT department daily to complain about slow loading speeds.

These unnecessary calls hurt productivity for both celebrations. After the issue is clarified, established goals for improvement. Ideally, you will be able to address improvements in Sally’s next performance review. Much like your initial statement of the problem, specificity is key. Sally had taken the initiative to develop a work process allowing her to open up fewer applications at a time and work more quickly.

She addresses issues directly with management, often bringing her own suggested solution to the desk, and has become a productive and positive pressure at work. Confidence is a sought-after attribute for most employers, but this attitude sometimes brings with it an unwillingness to compromise. When an employee is convinced his ideas are superior, he hurts the collaborative efforts of the continuing business. Begin by outlining specific issues in his performance appraisal.

Bob instituted his e-mail marketing plan without making the changes recommended by his team. Several clients received unsolicited e-mails and asked to be removed from our database as a complete result. Bob worked closely with his team to implement an effective social networking strategy. Their collaborative efforts have produced a 25% rise in traffic to our website within the last six months. Inappropriate behavior is not quite as easy to address as other attitude issues.

The level and type of inappropriateness should dictate your response. Sexual harassment and bigotry cannot await another performance appraisal, because these issues can create a hostile work environment or open your business up to legal troubles. For the employee who says the occasional curse word or raises his voice at coworkers, the situation might be salvageable. Bob’s outbursts of anger cause him to behave inappropriately toward his coworkers and create a distressing working environment.

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Unfortunately, sometimes these behaviors result from personality attributes that are unlikely to improve. If no improvement is shown by another performance appraisal, you may want to reconsider if the employee is an excellent fit for your workplace. Assuming they actually change, however, you can address this improvement. Bob is level-headed during confrontations and uses professional, appropriate vocabulary at all times. Sandler, Corey, and Janice Keefe. Performance Appraisal Phrase Book: THE VERY BEST Words, Phrases, and Techniques for Performance Reviews.

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