It’s No Masterpiece Or Anything

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It’s No Masterpiece Or Anything

Okay, so there’s a fresh World of the Apes’ movie coming out this judging and summer by the truck, it appears good. So to celebrate, let’s go through the long history of the earth of the Apes movies. P.S I’m not heading to look at the TV shows or unbiased spinoffs, I’m looking at the 7 theatrical films just. The original Planet of the Apes is widely regarded as one of the greatest Sci-Fi classics ever and for a good reason. ” The ultimate shot of the statue of liberty is one of the very most iconic and disturbing images to get rid of a film.

At first it looks like a good follow-up to the first film however when the characters uncover the underground society of people who worship an atom bomb, it feels like a completely different movie all of a sudden. Most of the characters from the first movie only make brief appearances but there are a few questions from the first film that do get answered and it does provide some enjoyment.

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Of the 4 sequels to the first film, this one is easily the best and most character powered. You end up getting really mounted on both lead apes (Zira & Cornelius) as they try to make peace with the human race. It’s such as a role reversal of the first film and it is more convincing and touching than other entries in the series, despite some stupid moments. Oh, almost forgot to mention a small yet still moving performance from Ricardo Montalban. Probably the darkest, angriest & most disturbing entry in the series (as well as the main inspiration for the new Planet of the Apes movie).

An ape called Caesar (the son of Zira & Cornelius) is convinced that humans are wicked and he leads an all out attack against humanity. For the most part, there’s hardly anything happening in this film, and it’s not before very end that things get interesting and thrilling. Generally, it’s just unhappy and often uninteresting. It is the first in support of the film in the series that a character actually says the name “planet of the apes” in a word. The fifth entrance in the series is critically thought to be the worst of all Planet of the Apes movies and while I do concur that it’s the weakest, it’s not horrible, I’ve seen worse.

I actually think it’s more entertaining than Conquest of the earth of the Apes, and it brings a gratifying conclusion to the series, with a huge battle and apes making peace with humans. The 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes is often thought to be one of the worst remakes of the decade but frankly, I love it. It’s no masterpiece, or anything, but it does make for a fun, action packed, dazzling visually, Sci-Fi blockbuster. There are a few ridiculous things that weigh it down, like this stupid ending, the uninteresting lead personality, and the fact that humans have cleverness but they’re still treated like unintelligent beings actually.

However, there’s plenty of what to like in this film still. My favorite of the series by far, it sets up the complete story very well, there’re genuine fear and emotion that originate from the characters, the action is fantastic and of all films, that one made me care about the most. My full review for “Rise of the earth of the Apes” is now up, take a look.

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