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Tula Skin Care

I don’t think I ever truly believed that saying until I viewed the ‘Chef’s Table’ documentary on Netflix, which profiled six different world-renowned chefs. Episode 2 featured Dan Barber and his restaurant Blue Hill, right in my back garden in NYC. He wished to produce a spicy egg yolk for one of his courses and, by nourishing his chickens an eating plan of red hot peppers, their yolks arrived a fiery red orange!

If you don’t trust me, check out this picture of what the raw yolk looks like from a just-cracked egg. It’s not just food, skincare products are soaked up into the physical body, and also have an impact as well. Nowadays, I’ve been looking to buy skincare products predicated on their ingredients and not simply their pretty packaging.

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  3. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! (Need I say more?)
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As I grow older I find that my epidermis gets significantly drier so hydrating products are KEY. If they have anti-aging or brightening properties, so much the better! I recently discovered the brand Tula and examined their Exfoliating Treatment Mask and Hydrating Day & Night Cream and was really blown away by both.

Tula skin care was founded by Dr. Roshni Raj, a panel accredited gastroenterologist and internist with a medical degree from the NYU School of Medicine. The ingredients sounded promising, however the real test is the merchandise themselves certainly. The Tula was found by me Exfoliating Mask to be a light, spreadable mask with small exfoliating beads.

More importantly, the Tula version was much more hydrating than typical clay or mud masks, that are too drying for my dried-out skin type. I suppose the moisturizing properties of the Tula exfoliating mask are because of the probiotic extracts. I love to “customize” the mask to my problem areas and coating just my nasal area and chin area where I’m susceptible to acne. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and wash off then!

The method is creamy enough where Personally i think refreshed and clean yet my face still retains enough moisture. My favorite is the Tula Hydrating Night and day cream. It’s a thick, souffle like consistency, almost just like you made banana bread and substituted yogurt or applesauce rather than butter – still rich in flavor but much lighter in texture!

The cream is extremely hydrating and yet not oily or oily so it’s ideal for daytime use after I don’t want to appear to be a greaseball. My skin is extremely dry, therefore I constantly need to reapply moisturizing lotions, and I’m so happy that I now have a perfect everyday, each day cream to use 2x.

Sephora happens to be having any occasion set featuring fifty-percent size variations of the Sunday Riley Good Genes and Luna essential oil in one set, which can be an awesome offer. I stocked up on two! Also, use code TULA15 to get 15% off your first purchase of all Tula skin care products.

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