Earned Income NECESSARY FOR A Roth

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Earned Income NECESSARY FOR A Roth

You can open up Roth at any age so long as you have wages from a job — investment and pension income don’t count. MAY I as a retiree contributes to a Roth IRA? My only income source is from my federal pension and investments. And easily can contribute to a Roth, should I?

You can donate to a Roth IRA only if you have earned income from a job, so it appears like you don’t be eligible. One exclusion would be if you have a partner who still works. In that full case, she can donate to a spousal IRA on your behalf as long as she earns more than she contributes to accounts for every of you, so you file a joint return.

5,000 if you are 50 or old). You can benefit from contributing to a Roth even if you are well into the senior years. Calendar year If you or your spouse acquired any earned income last, you’ve still got until April 17 to open a Roth IRA for 2006. And you can contribute to a 2007 IRA anytime now, too.

The opening of IE Singapore’s Overseas Center in Yangon underscores the interest Singapore companies have in Myanmar. Through our Overseas Center, we will have a eye and ears on the ground, to comprehend the carrying on business needs of the neighborhood community. With this, we desire to produce meaningful partnerships that donate to Myanmar’s growth. We also welcome our Myanmar friends to leverage on Singapore companies for their network in the region and beyond.

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In closing, I’d like to express my gratitude to UMFCCI and the Singapore Business Federation for his or her strong support in making this business community forum possible. I anticipate working with them even more carefully in Myanmar. Thank you very much. June Last, I visited Myanmar with ESM Goh Chok Tong. We had very good meetings here, focusing on potential areas of cooperation between your two countries.

There were good follow-up activities and some collaborative efforts since then. I am pleased to be back to Myanmar. Our bilateral relations dated back to 1966, whenever we established diplomatic ties. Since then, there have been frequent relationships between our two countries. Collaboration has been particularly considerable in technical cooperation.