My Favorite Makeup Products Under $5 (PART 1)

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My Favorite Makeup Products Under $5 (PART 1)

4, this is a great deal for something that is very comparable to a high-end duo. Both of the blush and bronzing natural powder are resilient with buildable pigmentation and complimentary on my reasonable skin tone. The bronzing natural powder also makes the perfect eye shadow color for my crease. It is also perfect for travel with the built-in mirror and compact packaging! I have used this pressed natural powder for over four years and is definitely my most repurchased product from my makeup collection.

I have very dry skin throughout the year and it can a great job of setting up my base/concealer without accentuating my skin pores or dry places. It can congrats of standout control without looking cakey also, as I’ve seen on family and friends with oily epidermis. 5 price fool you, the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow is very high quality and is undoubtedly the best eye shadow formula I’ve ever tried.

My favorite color is “Weenie” which the Colourpop website represents as an “ultra-metallic true rose gold”, produced by popular YouTuber Kathleen Lights. All day without fading or creasing I can always depend on it long lasting. I’ve worn it on special occasions, all day long in 100° weather concerts and even, the full total results were yet!

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My preferred application method is using my finger, but a set synthetic brush works as well (both are suggested on the Colourpop website). ELF Makeup products have a multitude of high quality brushes at this affordable price. I have already been using these brushes for years now, plus they still are in good condition and continue steadily to distribute and blend the product very well.

The steel barrel does have a tendency to come from the white wooden deal with, but it is fixable with simply a dot of glue easily. Browse the complete ELF makeup brush line here! Wet & Wild Liquid Catsuit is the best lipstick I have attempted from the drugstore. The formulation is very comparable to my favorite Kylie Makeup products matte liquid lipstick in lots of ways.

They both employ a different applicator, smell, and packaging, but the longevity and quality are almost the same. For a fraction of the price just, it is a great alternative to other leading high-end matte liquid lipsticks. It now will come in a variety of 13 tones, so you are sure to find one that fits you! Comment below a few of your favorite makeup products & I’ll be sure to try them out in the future! Give thanks to you so much for looking at my blog and keep coming back soon to get more articles out!

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